Best practices that drive ROI growth

Events are changing. Digital disruption, delegate expectations and senior leaders’ ROI demands are transforming the way event planners work. Today, truly memorable, transformative and unique experiences that deliver a strong return on investment are a must.

To uncover the secret to surpassing expectations on both fronts, we surveyed 607 event planners in 12 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa and spoke with a number of industry executives.

The results are intriguing. Amid greater competition – for delegates and sponsorship – we discover what distinguishes successful event planners delivering ROI (25%+) from those delivering less than 25%.

Those reporting ROI of 25%+ are significantly more likely to:

• Be flexible and agile before events
• Give delegates a personal return on investment during events
• Nurture the relationship after the event

Their focus on creating the best delegate experience throughout the whole event journey – harnessing new technologies along the way – offers a blueprint for growth and securing bigger budgets.

Four key steps will allow them to achieve this:

1. Deliver on delegates’ personal ROI by personalizing the event experience to their unique needs.
2. Get the buy/sell dynamic right by focusing on delegate segmentation at the outset.
3. Demand more from your partners in terms of event advice, technological capability and relationship management.
4. Harness technology to build loyalty and deliver ROI: technology can help planners understand each delegate’s event journey, and build ROI and loyalty in the post-event conversation.

To explore the findings of the survey, you can download the report here.

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